Why energy storage?

Vistra is proud to be a leader in supporting the State of California in meeting its goal of powering the state with 100% carbon-free energy by 2045—battery energy storage is essential to reaching that goal.

Here’s why: Renewable energy sources must be supported and bolstered by batteries. Because renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar farms, generate energy intermittently, the amount of energy generated at a given moment can vary based on the time of day or weather conditions. The result can be too much energy—which goes to waste—or too little energy to meet demand.

California 100% carbon-free energy goal

The year California has set to meet its goal of powering the state with 100% carbon-free energy

An example of renewable energy sources

How batteries work: Batteries can take excess power and store it until it is most needed for use by residents and businesses. For example, batteries are already being used in a number of communities to store excess solar power during the day and release the power to the grid when the sun is going down and solar production declines.

Vistra’s projects provide a reliable source of renewable energy for thousands of California businesses and families.

Additionally, the battery project will:

  • Enable revitalization of the old power plant sites and the surrounding area.
  • Utilize existing adjacent PG&E infrastructure needed to help California meet its energy goals in a timely manner (Note: Building new transmission infrastructure is a long and costly process, and may lead to unfavorable impacts to the environment, as it could require the disturbance of many acres. By locating projects near existing infrastructure, California gets more clean energy faster.)
  • Create new jobs and other opportunities in the local community
  • Anchor future development and diversify the local economy
  • Enable California’s renewable energy goals
  • Enhance electricity supply and reliability
  • Provide safe, clean, emission-free and affordable electricity to businesses and families
Battery energy storage: How it works